Dog Silencer Pro

Dog Silencer Pro
Performance:4.7 Stars
Ease of use :4.4 Stars
Safety :4.9 Stars
Durability:4.6 Stars

There are numerous anti-barking systems available in the market today. The most popular of all these is the Dog Silencer Pro. The Dog Silencer Pro is a revolutionary device that works through the use of special sound frequencies that intends to train dogs in a humane way, deterring its bad behavior of incessant barking.

Apart from being popular, this special device is also trusted by groups that train dogs using humane methods including the Dog Trainers and Customers Worldwide and the US Military. The Dog Silencer Pro is 3x more effective than its nearest rival in the market.

How It Works

This is basically how the Dog Silencer Pro works. The Dog Silencer Pro detects the barking and immediately sends a high-pitched ultrasonic sound that is only audible for dogs (meaning the sound is inaudible for humans). This is a proven method that discourages the dogs from barking in a safe and humane way. The Dog Silencer Pro is a quiet dog trainer that allows you to relax while your dog, a neighbor’s dog, or even neighborhood dogs are being trained.

No Shock Technology

The Dog Silencer Pro does not include shock technology. The Dog Silencer Pro is designed as a humane training strategy that makes use of a training principle that is as old as time. This age-old principle is what teaches dogs to realize that the irritating frequencies is meant to make them stop barking or to be quiet. Shock collars are painful and can be used only individually or on one dog at a time.

Further, the Dog Silencer Pro can be used anywhere and does not require you to ask your neighbors’ permission. This special device provides the best solution for stopping your dog’s nuisance barking. Nuisance barking is the barking that might result from boredom or might be the dog’s way to catch attention. The Dog Silencer Pro does not have any effect on the barking that is due to the instinct of the dog or a way of defense.

Exclusive Features

Here are the exclusive features of the product. Apart from being the world’s first indoor and outdoor bark control device, the Dog Silencer Pro is also the first anti-bark device to work electrically or using one 9 volt battery providing for extra portability. The product exclusively features the High Pressure Transducer that allows the sound to be carried further compared to other anti-bark devices available today.

With this feature, even the most stubborn dog can be reached by the sound. Fold out feet are included with the Dog Silencer Pro allowing the user to conveniently stand the device on all kinds of surfaces. Apart from the fold out feet, cutouts are also included located on the unit’s back which allows the user to hang it in any place. Moreover, the product’s running costs are maintained absolutely low. The Ultrasonic mode is charged only $1.54 each year while the audible setting is charged at just $1.73 each year.

If you are looking for the best possible way to stop the incessant barking of your neighbor’s dog, the Dog Silencer Pro will help you out. You can buy the product directly from the manufacturer. If you prefer, you can even delay the shipment, especially if you are still on the process of prepping up the place where the device will be installed. It is important to note that the device must be installed in the nearest place that can offer a clear shot of the annoying pet.

Once you have finished all the necessary preparations of the location like removing obstructive objects, you can request for the product to be delivered to you and then you can start installing the device. You will be delighted to find out that the device still works even at a 75 feet distance away from the nuisance-barking pet. After making a few barks, the dog will soon find out that it is told to keep quiet because of the device.

Further, the product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee period so you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with it. Spending a few more dollars on an adaptor and an extension cord would definitely be very helpful.

The Dog Silencer Pro is your solution to stop barking. Backed by a 45 Day Guarantee, 1 Year Warranty & the support of a dedicated Bark Specialist, you can control barking up to 300ft away.

Here’s How It Works:

1. A sensor detects barking up to 75ft away.
2. In response, ultrasonic sound is emitted. Ultrasound can’t be heard by most humans but is annoying to dogs.
3. This cycle continues – barking is detected, then ultrasonic sound is sent out automatically.
4. After a short training period, dogs associate this unpleasant noise with their barking and learn to be quiet.

Works 3X Farther Than Competitors: Detects Barking Up To 75ft Away, Ultrasound Travels Up To 300ft
Safe & Humane – Trusted By Dog Trainers, Kennel Owners, & Customers Worldwide
Use Indoors or Outdoors. Powered by 9V Battery or Included AC Adaptor
45 Day Money Back Guarantee, 1 Year Warranty & the Support of Your Own Dedicated Bark Specialist
Includes the Dog Silencer Pro, Remote Control, AC Adapter, Rain Jacket & 60 Foot Extension